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Afterwitnessing the power packed fashion trends of 2018, 2019 is all set to be no less. Varying fashion ideologies and fluctuating styles is a norm of the fashion industry. Old becomes novel and stylish, while new rapidly turns monotonous and boring in the fashion world. However, questioning beauty standards and showcasing women empowerment through the ramps has been the talk last year. With biker shorts, pastel hues, at leisure fashion and palazzos controlling the market; the new year is expected to retain some trends with reinvention along with bringing better and chicer panache.  

1. Wide legged pants and trousers

After the domination of the skinny fit jeans for over a decade, slowly, something has changed for women. Wide legged pants and trousers have swooped back in and legs no more have to choke in claustrophobia as the comfortable airy pants have become an all-rounder for a woman’s closet. From spring to winter, these flow silhouettes in varying styles match the smart office look, the winter chic look in plaid and also the casual date night look.  Here are a few pictures to learn how to embrace this longstanding style.

2. Shararas

Indian trends have largely been adopted from Bollywood divas and their male counterparts. With celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Alia Bhatt and Sara Ali Khan slaying the ethnic sharara, this is one more fashion trend definitely here to stay a while. Having modern cuts, knee length kurtas, usually made with royal fabrics like chiffon and silk, these traditional beauties are embellished with zari, sequins and stones. A recent favourite, the three piece regal attire has pushed the palazzos away and become the next wedding look for fashionista women.

3. Blazers, jackets and coats

What were earlier a perfect fit for professional wardrobes have become 2019’s most sort after clothing. Winter saw the entry and growing fandom of trench coats; furry and long, plaid coats were another go-to style paired smartly with bell bottoms or party dresses. However, the summer will see more light weight coats rather than wool ones in ruling pastels and bright hues like yellows, greens reds and oranges. Pick blazer dresses or shirt suits, crop tops teamed with blazers or a casual over coat over a trendy sari, all are likely to reign the summer season.

4. Feathers and fringes

A common on fashion week runways, feathers and fringes on dresses, skirts, bags and accessories have been the couture rocking this season. Beginning from the 1920’s this sassy style has seen constant fade in and fade out and returning every time with a bigger bang. Don a comfortable feathery sweater with fringe sandals or go stylish to your prom with a long fringe gown shimmying all the way. The ostentatious feathers and fringes come in over-the-top styles and subtle charms to match your personal elegance. 

5. Tie and Dye

Embraced by a wide variety of designer brands, tie and dye is a major hit right now. Crumpling, twisting and pleating to get the desired design and pattern, tie and dye outfits are usually a mix of primary and the most vibrant colors.  Giving out bold, playful and vivacious designs seen in street style fashion and a vogue on the runways, this style which was previously a beach and camp favourite is now seen on blazers, pants, scarves and even rocker tees. 

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