Review Of OnePlus 6 versus OnePlus 6T

Retaining its yearly tradition, OnePlus has returned with its second smartphone duo OnePlus 6T. An advanced successor of its previous model, OnePlus 6, the newly launched smartphone promises to be a technically impressive upgrade. While it may seem that OnePlus’ new flagship does not possess many differences the ‘T’ versions of OnePlus are always an attempt to amend and enhance from the earlier variant with a few but big improvements.


OnePlus’ constant desire to be Apple of the Android world is clearly evident from its effort to create a design which purely highlights style and class. The smartphone’s visible screen to body ratio has increased by 2% with 6T having a 6.41 inch display as compared to OnePlus 6 which is 6.28 inches. In spite of the negligible increase in brightness, OnePlus6 works well in all situations along with offering features like reading modes to help you use the screen more comfortably in the evening and before bed. Thicker and marginally heavier than this year’s earlier flagship, OnePlus 6T comes in three colours; mirror black, midnight black and thunder purple which possess distinct finishes.

The former version was the company’s first attempt to give us a notched screen (A cut-out on top of the phone screen mainly positioned to enhance display and viewing), but with 6T the notch is far more visually appealing and less-intrusive. While OnePlus 6 users have a rear mounted fingerprint scanner that is fast and precise, the cutting edge technology of 6T has a front facing in-display fingerprint scanner that is accurate but not the fastest.

An evident change is also the absence of the usual 3.5mm headphone jack which is probably because of the larger battery size and to make the sound chamber bigger. However, to make up OnePlus is providing the users a USB Type-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box.


Delivering on its promise, “Unlock the speed” (that’s the OnePlus 6T slogan) the phone is all about being fast and smooth. It runs on a better version of the same Android 9.0 Pie experience with Oxygen OS out of the box and has amped up the solid and powerful battery size by 23% from 3300mAh to 3700mAh in 6T which will last the user at least one whole day. The OnePlus 6T has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 128 and 256 GB variants and hence doesn’t provide a microSD slot.

The Chinese company is well known for making a solid software experience. So once again it brings to the users fresher home screen customizations, outperforms with quick and simple wallpaper changers, easy access to icon packs, and gestures.

It has a dedicated gaming mode and makes it a brilliant piece for 3-D games. Talking about gaming, the smartphone not only limits the background network usage of other apps, it lets you manage notification behavior and calls, optimizes CPU, GPU (Graphic Processing Point – A software which minimizes the load of the CPU and helps in running graphics intensive applications like hi-res games or 3D graphics apps) and memory performance every time you launch a game.

Apart from the previously mentioned innovations, OnePlus also adds on a Phone Data Transfer app and a Community app (an application that the company takes a lot of pride in continually optimizing).With the first subject in the forum being the smartphone’s own criticism, OnePlus allows this to be a place where its users speak freely as it can get user feedback at zero cost.


What’s different about 6T’s camera is its brand new algorithm and performance. It automatically adjusts both the cameras to capture high quality photos by identifying faces, objects, landscapes etc. One nice addition is Auto Nightscape Detection, which presets the phone’s more advanced low-light photography mode when it senses that ambient light is hard to come by.

For the layman it might be difficult to understand the fine-tuned aspects of 6T’s camera but a photography enthusiast will clearly comprehend the differences when he gets hand on the smartphone. The hardware of both the models is the same; it’s the software that has been altered.

On the whole the OnePlus 6T proves to be a smart buy if you are aware of the technological advancements, the terrific power it offers and the specialized features enhanced by the manufacturer.

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What’s in the box?

The OnePlus 6T box contains:

  • USB Type-C to 3.5mm
  • Audio adaptor (as the 3.5mm audio jack has been removed)
  • A fast charge USB Type-C cable and power adaptor
  • A pre-applied screen protector
  • See-through phone case
  • A SIM tray ejector.

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